Caries is caused by bacteria that metabolized diet’s sugars and that produce acids that attack tooth enamel..

The factors that facilitate the development of caries are the presence or absence of these bacteria in the mouth flora, familiarity, type of diet, oral hygiene.


Through orthodontics you can solve the main dental malocclusions.

Dental Traumatology

Dental traumas are frequent,particularly in children and teenagers.

Children’s games and sports are a source of risk for our teeth and for those of our children. But fortunately today there are techniques that help us to make this accidents less traumatic psychologically

Both for the patient and for the parents it is a great relief to back home with the tooth perfectly restored.

The simple rules and advice in case of shock to the teeth:
Retrieve the fractured fragment, put it in a glass of water or milk to prevent dehydration and color changes, and contact your dentist immediately: before you hang up the fragment, the better will be the result if you practice a contact sport are very useful protections such as mouthguards


The implantology is the branch of dentistry that deals with the replacement of missing natural teeth by the insertion of titanium implants which could be cemented or screwed on the new artificial teeth.

An indispensable condition for the insertion of implants is the presence of bone with good quality and adequate quantity.

In case there is not sufficient bone, it is possible to regenerate it through the use of membranes, implants of autologous or heterologous bone or other biocompatible materials.

Pediatric dentistry

Why is it important to care children’s teeth?

Their function is both a masticatory function, both a space maintainer function. their early loss, for example for a caries untreated, generally it brings to problems of overcrowding and the need for an orthodontic appliance.

In the second place a caries not treated in the initial stage can quickly lead to an involvement of the dental pulp, with consequently pain teeth and / or abscesses.

Finally, but not least, there are aesthetics and psychological reasons.
An healthy mouth and a beautiful smile are important for the psychological well-being at all ages!